I’m Poom, a software engineer from Bangkok, Thailand. Nice to meet you 👋🏻

I’m currently the VP of Engineering at Brikl, the MicroStore platform for resellers in the promotional industry to sell and scale fast.

I co-founded Creatorsgarten, a collective of creators and software engineers committed to promoting a culture of hacking, creativity, and interdisciplinary thinking.

We have organized 24 events together, consisting of meetups, hackathons, camps, and workshops.

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The first event I organized was the stupid hackathon bangkok back in 2017. Our team have been co-hosting it since for 6 years straight:

I dropped out of high school 6 years ago to pursue my love for software engineering and building products.

I love TypeScript and prefer working with Linux and terminal environments. I love Neovim and Tmux. Take a look at my dotfiles and my various customizations.

I am primarily a web developer; I build frontend apps in React, although I’ve been trying out Vue, Astro, and Svelte in my new projects. I’m learning Rust, Kotlin, Clojure, and Elixir.

I have been active in Thai developer communities since 2015. I’ve given over 30 talks at conferences and meetups.

On the fun side, I love plushies, onsen baths, Japanese cuisine, Macarons, photography, the sea, the mountains, trekking, camping, swimming, running, and jet skiing.

During weekends, you can find me jogging in parks, reading books in cafes, relaxing in onsen baths, visiting art galleries, and taking photos at places near the Chao Phraya river.

I’d love to hear from you! Drop me a message via email.

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